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Get a head start on becoming a P.E.!

Engineers: are you graduating in AU 2009 or WI 2010?

Get a head start on becoming a P.E.! [professional engineer]


Application Deadline: Friday, July 24, 2009 [July 16 for Dean’s letter]
Exam date: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

1. Obtain an official application form:
2. Graduating seniors must include an "Engineering Dean's Statement of Certification" with their applications. Go to the College Office, 122 Hitchcock Hall, to request this “Dean’s Statement.” Please allow five (5) working days for processing.
3. Send completed applications to the Ohio Professional Engineers and Surveyors Board, postmarked by Friday, July 24, 2009.
For detailed instructions, visit:
4. You must be approved by the Ohio’s Engineers & Surveyors Board to register for the … 

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Make your own career fair

There is no career fair in the spring for engineering students. Career fairs are great because you get to speak to a company representative in person. Often, however, companies will just use that person to collect your resume. So, as long as the company gets your resume and considers you for a job, does it really matter that you did not submit it to a person?

If I were an engineering student, whether looking for my career job or a co-op/internship, I would make my own Career Fair. For this fair, no suits are required until I get an interview. Most of it could be done on my deck with a laptop and an ice cold drink.

First of all, I would log into my job search account and apply for all the current postings that fit me. I’d check out the useful link on my account’s ‘home’ page, too … 

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Common Grammatical Pitfalls on Resumes

Most people pursuing engineering and science careers think that once they have survived the basic grammar and composition courses in high school and college those topics are no longer applicable to their lives. However, when you’re looking for a job –whether co-op, intern, or career - it’s time to dust off those skills once again! This time, rather than writing an essay on your favorite book for English 110, your writing skills will have an immediate practical application – an interview or a job offer.

Proper grammar, particularly noun and verb usage, is essential to creating a top-notch resume and cover letter and creating your image as an educated person. If you want to impress a potential employer, you should demonstrate that you have taken the time to thoroughly proofread the material that you submit to them. This means avoiding grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes and typos.

Here … 

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Improve your skills with mock interviews!

Did you know that ECS is offering mock interview sessions spring quarter on Friday, April 24th, Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, May 6th? Top performers in any field improve through coaching, practice, and feedback. In a competitive job market, ECS is ready to help you become a top performer. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hone your interviewing skills!

ECS staff members will be “interviewing” students using commonly asked standard and behavioral interviewing questions. Interviewees will be formally assessed during the interview and will receive feedback following the mock interview. Qualities we’ll be focusing on for behavioral questions include:

• Achievement
• Teamwork/Conflict Management
• Technical Knowledge
• Initiative/Effort

Sign up for a one hour time slot through your job search account. Simply log in, click on the “Jobs” tab and type in keyword “mock” to schedule. Sign-ups are first come, first serve basis, so don’t delay!

"In … 

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The US government hires engineers

While many other employers lay off employees, the federal government—the nation’s largest employer—will fill more than 200,000 dynamic, well-paying jobs annually during the coming years. The federal hiring wave, which will continue no matter how bad the economy may get, is being generated by record numbers of retiring baby boomers.

The federal government hires all types of professionals at all levels of their careers—from students to seasoned executives. And federal jobs are based all over the United States and overseas. (Only about 15 percent of federal jobs are based in Washington, D.C.)

Federal jobs are desirable because they provide:

1. Opportunities to serve your country: No matter what job you choose as a federal employee, you will impact large numbers of people and vast resources. And the ultimate aim of most federal jobs is to, in one way or another, better the world.
2. Excellent salaries: Contrary … 

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