ENGR 4191: Professional Practice in Engineering


What is ENGR 4191?

  • A zero-credit course with no meeting times, whose purpose is to maintain your student status
  • The fee is billed at one half-credit hour; see the University Registrar's Student Tuition and Fee Tables for more information
  • Appears on your transcript as "Professional Experience" for each semester enrolled
  • Graded S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory), based on ECS's receipt of both the experience evaluation (from you) and performance evaluation (from your employer) by the last day of the semester you worked

Why enroll in ENGR 4191?

Campus Advantages:

  • Ensures you will be eligible for student health insurance for the semester you're working -- health insurance is required to participate as a co-op or intern
  • Enables you to waive your residence hall contract if you are working outside of Columbus
  • Maintains your student status for future term's scheduling window
  • Pick up or purchase athletic tickets
  • Get an RPAC pass at the student rate
  • Get an Ohio State golf course pass at the student rate
  • It will not maintain a student athlete's enrollment status 

Professional Advantages:

  • ENGR 4191 is a prerequisite to employment for some employers, since enrollment in such a course fits the legal requirements outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4141.01(B)(3)(e)(ii). These employers will contact ECS to verify enrollment.  ENGR 4191 on your transcript formally documents your co-op or internship experience.
  • In Ohio, as in many states, co-op and internship experience performed under a Professional Engineer may count toward the 4-year field work requirement to obtain the Professional Engineer (PE) license. ENGR 4191 enrollment provides written evidence of your employment. For information on what experience counts, please visit the Ohio Professional Engineers Professional Surveyors website.
  • Obtain enrollment verification for insurance, if covered under your parents' car and/or health policies.

ENGR 4191 and Financial Aid

You may contact the College of Engineering Scholarships Team if you have questions or concerns regarding your scholarships, grants, or loans​.


  • If you received financial aid at any point in your college career and do not enroll in ENGR 4191 (thereby foregoing your option to maintain your student standing), you might be required to start re-paying your student loans before you graduate 
  • Enrolling in ENGR 4191 may keep your scholarships and grants deferred
  • No financial aid will disburse while you are enrolled in only ENGR 4191 because scholarships/grants require you to be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours; loans require 6 credit hours

Is ENGR 4191 required?

  • For US Citizens and Permanent Residents: No, it is not required, but it is highly recommended during the Autumn and Spring semesters because there are many financial, professional, and logistical implications if you opt out of taking the course. The summer is less imperative, as Financial Aid does not require students to be enrolled in school. Please consult us if your questions are not answered on this page.
  • FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Yes, this course (or one similar to it) is required in order to maintain your CPT.  Read more in the section specifically addressing ENGR 4191 and international students.

ENGR 4191 and International Students

International Graduate Students may request ENGR 4191 as a CPT course, but may also have additional enrollment requirements. Please see an advisor with the Office of International Affairs for details.

STEPS for International Students:

  • Have your Academic Advisor fill out and sign your CPT (the course number and name is ENGR 4191: Professional Practice in Engineering).
  • Submit the completed CPT application as well as your offer letter to the Office of International Affairs by emailing the documents to iss@osu.edu. You must receive the I-20 endorsed for CPT before you begin the internship. Details about CPT can be found on OIA’s website.
  • Bring the new I-20 to ECS at 199 Hitchcock Hall or email a copy to Corinna Sievert at sievert.23@osu.edu so we can make a record of it.
  • Report your co-op/internship in your Handshake account, making sure to select "yes" when asked if you wish to enroll in ENGR 4191 (instructions on reporting/requesting are located in the right sidebar).

Work Term Checklist

Take a look at our work term checklist for items you should consider prior to and during your work term.


How to Enroll in ENGR 4191

Unlike other classes, you can't schedule 4191 yourself. ECS will enroll you in ENGR 4191 at your request

Report your co-op or internship using the online form in your Handshake account

  • Go to handshake.osu.edu (and log in using name/password)
  • Choose Career Center>Experiences>
    Submit an Experience
  • Fill out the form

When asked if you would like to enroll in ENGR 4191, simply choose "yes"

You will receive an email confirmation after this request is processed and you are enrolled (it will also appear on your BuckeyeLink account)

ENGR 4191 Evaluation Forms

Links to these surveys will be sent via email two weeks before the end of the semester. Due dates are posted in Carmen.

Experience Evaluation – to be completed by student

If you are enrolled in ENGR 4191, the survey is included in your Carmen Canvas assignments.  Otherwise, you will receive the survey via email or you can access it below. Please contact ECS if you have any questions. 

Experience Evaluation Student Survey

Preview Experience Evaluation survey questions only

Performance Evaluation – to be completed by employer

Preview performance evaluation questions

Questions, Problems, Concerns?

Let us know if you have any questions, problems, or concerns about ENGR 4191; we will be happy to help in any way we can

For more information:
Corinna Sievert