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Co-op & Internship: The Three C’s

The Ohio State University does not have a required co-op program for engineering students. However, the Engineering Career Services office has an outstanding Engineering Co-op and Internship Program designed to support students in their career development and job search. The benefits of this program and its structure can be summed up as the Three C’s: Choice, Connections, and Career management for life.


Because the program is not required nor embedded into the curriculum, you have a great deal of flexibility and you control all aspects of your experience.  You will choose the following:

  • Which semesters you work
  • How many semesters you work
  • Where you work (company and location)
  • Industry in which you work
  • Type of experience: multiple rotations in a co-op vs. internships with several companies

*It is up to you to be proactive and work with your academic advisor to determine which semesters will work best with your desired graduation plan. We encourage students to consider internships and co-ops during the school year; although graduation may be pushed back, this does not change the number of semesters of full-time coursework (usually 8) it takes to complete a degree.


By registering with ECS, you will gain access to over 2000 employers from a variety of industries. General Electric, Honda, NASA, Disney, and JPMorgan Chase are a few of the top co-op and internship employers. You will have the opportunity to network with these and others through the following avenues:

  • Career Fairs, company info sessions, lunch and learns, and meet and greets
  • On-Campus Interviewing opportunities
  • Job Postings specifically for Ohio State engineering students
  • Special events such as Career Week, Intern Week, professional development workshops, the Recruiter-in-Residence Program, and the Job Shadow Program

Career Management for Life:  

While ECS provides resources and access to employers, it is up to you to manage your search. The skills you learn through your engagement with ECS will enable you to be a successful job seeker for the rest of your life. Such skills include:

  • Networking and utilizing social media in the job search
  • Preparing for and nailing both in-person and virtual interviews
  • Writing professional correspondence
  • Developing a focused and tailored resume
  • Navigating a career fair
  • Evaluating and Negotiating an offer
  • Utilizing online resources (Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired)


Looking for a co-op or internship?


Institutional quality is a significant success factor. 
Ohio State’s undergraduate engineering program is ranked 1st among all Ohio universities and 14th among public universities according to U.S. News & World Report (2024).