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There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea!

This entry features ECS graduate advisor, Dan Lamone, who is also pursuing his masters degree in chemical engineering at OSU...

This week we would like to follow up with what Geoff Sieron discussed two weeks ago about expanding your job search -- and why.

Ever heard of Boeing? Dow Chemical? General Electric? General Motors? Exxon Mobil? As an engineer, chances are pretty solid that you have, because those companies are household names. They are industry leaders in their respective markets, are recognized globally and comfortably find themselves in the ‘Fortune 50' as the biggest fish in the sea. Their reputations attract the best and brightest engineers from all over the world and as such, they have a strong recruiting presence anywhere they go.

Although more than 60% of the Fortune 50 (largest corporations) hire through ECS, these companies represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of total engineering … 

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SWE Career Fair: Feb. 10th

Mark your calendars! The SWE Career Fair is only week away-on Wednesday, February 10th. The fair will be held in Ohio Stadium in the Huntington Club from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Contrary to popular belief...though the fair is sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers, it's not just for women-it's for anyone searching for an engineering internship, co-op, part-time, or full-time job! There are currently 87 companies planning to attend the fair. Check out all of the details here. Advanced copies of the programs will be on sale for $1 at the front desk of ECS, located in 220 Mason Hall from 9:00am-3:00pm, Feb. 3rd through Feb. 9th.

Don't skip this event even if you didn't have positive results at EXPO. Consider attending a Career Fair Success workshop to maximize your efforts -see your job search account under "Events" for details!

On a … 

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Open your mind while job searching

This entry features guest writer, Geoff Sieron, who is a mechanical engineering student graduating this June...

When I began my job search, I thought I knew which companies I was going to target. These were companies I'd been looking at in the past and ones that I thought I'd like to work at. I hadn't really given much thought to branching out to companies that were not on my "list" before. Once I spent more time researching the job market; I came to realize that it was going to be difficult to get a decent job in the current economy. I knew I had to do something different in order to increase my chances of getting an offer, so I decided to take an alternative approach to job searching.

Rather than just applying to the companies I had previously thought about, I decided to submit my resume to just about … 

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Considering Internships Abroad?

Students interested in interning abroad often ask us how to get started. Before I can answer that, however, I have questions for them. The first question I ask engineering students who are interested in international opportunities is "What language (other than English) do you speak?" Next I ask, "What do you hope to get out of an international experience?" The answers to those questions can help you find the experience that's right for you, whether it's work, service, or study abroad.

At OSU, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is where you want to start to explore what kind of international experience is right for you.

There are also international opportunities for engineering students sponsored by the College of Engineering. For example, there is a weeklong trip toHonduras for service learning. Other opportunities through the COE are the ECOS (Engineers for Community Service) sponsored project in Guatemala and a … 

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Surviving and Thriving in Technical Interviews

Engineering Career Services is excited to present guest writer, Gabe Brown, who is a System Center Configuration Manager at Microsoft...

Technical interviews are the cornerstone for most employers to evaluate candidates in just about any field of engineering. These interviews test your technical knowledge in a short period of time to ascertain your current potential and ensure that your resume matches your abilities. However, walking in and demonstrating your knowledge isn’t as straightforward as most engineers think.

"Tell me why doubly linked lists are useful?" "What are the advantages of LIFO versus FIFO?" "How would you build an application to store the contents of a major library in digital format?" If a candidate is not prepared, it can be easy for them to stumble over these questions or go down a rabbit hole of details that the interview doesn’t care about. By using a structured method for answering questions, candidates … 

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