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Work Term Checklist:



  • Request enrollment in Engineering 4191. For instructions, please see our "ENGR 4191" page. ENGR 4191 records the co-op or internship experience on your transcript as “professional practice,” allows the generation of your registration materials, and retains your student benefits, such as use of the health center, use of athletic facilities (at an additional cost), use of the libraries, and eligibility to pick up athletic tickets. If you receive VA benefits, please contact the Office of Military and Veterans Services with any questions regarding how enrollment in ENG 4191 may affect those benefits.

  • Drop your other classes. If you obtain your position after classes have begun, talk to us regarding the possibility of being enrolled in Engineering 4191 before you drop your other classes. You will also need to remove yourself from any waitlisted courses

  • Tell your Academic Advisor you will be working and discuss scheduling considerations for your next semester of classes in advance

  • Make a note of important information



  • Students living in Residence Halls who are working too far to commute can have residence hall contracts inactivated for that semester.  If you need your contract inactivated, let us know when you complete the form for ENGR 4191. (Please contact Housing concerning future semesters' contracts.) If you’re leaving campus for a spring semester work assignment and plan to reside in the dorms the following academic year, contact Ohio State Housing at (614) 292-8266 to have your application sent to your permanent address



  • Overseas Employment: If you have accepted a co-op or internship position overseas, visit the Office of International Affairs (OIA) for information on supplemental insurance, health issues and safety precautions. Contact OIA for further information at (614) 292-6101
  • Student athletes must also meet with a counselor in the Athletic Compliance Office
  • International Students:
  1. Have your Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Recommendation “permission to work” signed by your academic advisor
  2. Take it to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to receive a new I-20
  3. Bring your new I-20 to ECS so that we may make a record of it.  (The I-20 is necessary to avoid violating your Student Visa, which could result in your being forced to leave the U.S.)
  4. Request enrollment in ENGR 4191 (Please see ENGR 4191 page for instructions)



  • Provide us with the phone number and email where you can be reached while on work assignment if not already reported on the form

  • Complete your evaluation of the experience and ask your supervisor to complete an evaluation of your performance. You and your supervisor will receive these forms via email prior to the end of the semester. The evaluations must be submitted by the last day of classes to receive a satisfactory grade for each semester you work. If you do not receive the email, the evaluation forms can be downloaded on the ENGR 4191 page


  • Schedule classes for the semester you will be returning to campus or, if you are doing a consecutive work term, submit another work term on your Handshake account to request ENGR 4191

  • Autumn co-ops/interns must be sure to complete Financial Aid applications by the February deadline

Print this list for reference!