Alternative Experiences

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The professional path is not always a linear one.  An internship, co-op, or even traditional full-time job may not be the route that everyone takes.  There are multiple ways to gain experience, build your skills, and add value to your resume.  Employers want to hire candidates who are ambitious, take initiative, and will contribute to the company's overall success (among other things!).  Previous work experience is beneficial and is a desired aspect of one’s resume, but that doesn’t mean it's your only option.  If you are considering creative experiential solutions, this page can help you get started.



Re-Design Your Break Handout
No internship?  Use this resource to map out an alternative plan and make the most of your break.  

Parker Dewey
ECS and Parker Dewey have a formal partnership.  This means it's easier than ever to get connected with micro-internships and gig employment.