15-Minute Peer Coach Appointments

ECS is excited to implement a Peer Career Coach program for the 2021-2022 school year. Four Engineering upper-class students have undergone a formal training program and will be conducting 15-minute prescheduled appointments to help underclass students with the following topics:  

  • Developing a strong Resume 
  • Writing Cover Letters and other job search Correspondence 
  • Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile 
  • Making meaningful Connections with employers and alumni 
  • Navigating the ins and outs of Handshake for the job search 
  • Preparing for the Career Fair and developing an Elevator Pitch 
  • Nailing an upcoming in-person, phone, or virtual Interview 

Graduating Seniors and Graduate Students are encouraged to schedule a 30-minute appointment with an ECS advisor.  

Spring 2022 Peer Coaching Appointments 

January 10 - April 25

The Peer Coaches have appointment slots available Monday-Thursday.  Schedule an appointment via the link below. 

Schedule a 15-minute Peer Coach Appointment

*You must be registered with ECS to schedule an appointment.
*Please bring a printed copy of your resume to appointments.

Meet the Peer Career Coaches

Jessica Asuncion headshot

Jessica Asuncion

Hi all, I’m Jessica but feel free to call me Jess! I’m a senior environmental engineering major from Worthington, Ohio. For summer 2021, I was working in Lake County, Illinois for Abbott’s corporate headquarters as a Global Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) intern and focused on projects related to waste management and disposal. Prior to this year, I had completed an additional four internships with Abbott as an EHS intern, two of which I accomplished during high school. Reflecting on my past experiences, I can attribute much of my success to the guidance and encouragement I’ve received from mentors, academic advisors, and the like. As such, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to support fellow students seeking professional development and provide the groundwork that can make for a successful individual and leader! For new engineering students, my best piece of advice would be to stay diligent and motivated!  We’ve all had our fair share of classes that aren't as engaging as expected, but being present, both mentally and physically in class, will provide a huge payoff and is 100% worth the struggle! When I’m not class or in the ECS office, you can probably catch me climbing at the OAC.

Sam Folz headshot

Sam Folz

Hey everyone, I’m Sam! I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science & Engineering. I’ve held two internship positions during my time at OSU. My first was with United Parcel Service (UPS) the summer going into my junior year, and the second was with Capital One Financial the summer going into my senior year. I used ECS a lot as an underclassman and I contribute much of my success to the help I received from them, and because of that I’ve had a great professional experience in engineering at OSU, so I wanted to become an ECS Peer Career Coach so I could help others achieve success as well. In my free time, I like to play video games, listen to music and podcasts, and play sports recreationally.  The best advice I would share with a new engineering student would be to start strong academically. Your GPA isn’t everything, but it gets you in the door to a lot of companies, and it’s a lot less stressful to maintain a GPA than to fight to bring it back up.

Aastha Gupta headshot

Aastha Gupta (Aastha will be on co-op Spring 2022)

Hello hello, I’m Aastha (it rhymes with pasta)! I’m a 4th year student studying Computer Science & Engineering with a minor in business, originally from Shrewsbury, MA. I have held two different internships with Northrop Grumman in the Melbourne, FL location of their Aeronautics sector thus far. The first was as an Electronics Engineering Intern in the summer of 2020 where I simulated aircraft hardware using software, and the second was as a Software Engineering Intern in the summer of 2021 where I automated software smoke testing and storage. I became an ECS Peer Coach because I learned a lot from the ECS staff while utilizing them and their resources myself, and I wanted to pass on those nuggets of knowledge. I want to help others develop themselves professionally in a casual setting with a peer like myself. Outside of school and ECS, I am the secretary of Ohio State’s Society of Women Engineers, president of CSE/CIS Peer Mentors, and president and founder of Girls Who Code: College Loops at Ohio State. I also love to cook, hammock, and (re)watch Friends & New Girl! My best piece of advice for any new engineering student is to find a method to stay organized and stick to it! The engineering work load tends to grow exponentially, and it can get hard to keep track of it all very quickly into the game. Have a method to the madness to stay on top of it all, and success will come your way! Hit me up for any and all organizational tips and tricks!

Alfonso Tinoco-Lopez headshot

Alfonso Tinoco-Lopez

Hola! My name is Alfonso. I am originally from Uriangato, Guanajuato, Mexico! I am a senior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and I am doing the Data Analytics and Optimization ISE track. I have had two internships and a co-op while at OSU and I had an internship my senior year of high school with Axium Packaging, previously Axium Plastics. My first internship was with The Home Depot the summer going into my junior year, Spring semester of my junior year I accepted a co-op offer with Cummins Inc, and my second internship was with Procter and Gamble (P&G) the summer going into my senior year. I wanted to become an ECS Peer Career Coach because I want to help other students to develop themselves professionally by providing existing and new resources so they can be successful during and after college. At the university I am involved with a few organizations, I am the president for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), a Peer Mentor for LSAMP, and member of Lambda Psi Honorary. In my free time, I have been trying to read a book a month, listen to music and podcasts, and travel to Chicago frequently. The best advice I would share with a new engineering student would be to reflect in your study habits from high school. College is not going to be the same as high school. Some of you might do fine with your current organization, time management, and study habits. However, if you are struggling YOU ARE NOT ALONE most likely the person next to you is also struggling, so do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not be embarrassed to admit that you need help to improve your current skills because that is why we are here.