Buckeye Engineers Work

BEW 2021 details will be announced in the spring semester.  Below is a snapshot of the 2020 event campaign, which was entirely virtual due to COVID-19. 

ECS celebrates our students and their work during the last month of school for our 4th annual Buckeye Engineers Work campaign. 

Whether you are excited about your upcoming co-op, internship, or career employment, or you are looking for that right opportunity, we are here to support you! We’ve dedicated this time to acknowledge the exciting work our engineering students will be doing as well as provide continued support to those who are currently seeking. 

On Monday, April 27, we will be raffling off TEN (10) $30.00 Amazon e-gift cards to students who have either reported an upcoming job, share the good news on social media, or participate in the job search activities linked to the right under “Are You Looking?”


Brutus Buckeye in the ECS office


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