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Staff Profiles

Amy Thaci Headshot of Amy Thaci

Director, Engineering Career Services

I provide overall leadership and direction for ECS, including employer relations/recruiting functions, and all career development and job search services for Engineering undergraduates and graduate students pursuing cooperative education, internships and career employment.  My experience in the career services field spans over 20 years. I started my career at Temple University in Philadelphia and I have been at Ohio State since 1995 in various career services offices. I became the Director of ECS in 2011 and my team and I look forward to working with you!

Rachel Kaschner

Assistant Director

My focus is primarily on students who are seeking full-time employment and graduate students, though I advise internship and co-op candidates as well.  I can provide you with valuable career related advice, including, but not limited to: resume consultations, job search strategies, interviewing preparation, career exploration, job offer evaluation, and salary negotiation. I also manage the Job Shadow Program and develop educational opportunities and materials for engineering students. My background includes a Masters of Education from The Ohio State University and previous co-op and career counseling experience at The University of Texas at Austin’s Engineering Career Assistance Center.

Amy Franklin

Employer Services Manager

I assist employers with their recruiting needs, including:  monitoring/approving new employers, evaluating opportunities, online job postings, customized resume referrals, and recruiting strategy consultations. I manage the SWE Career Fair and the Engineering Expo. I also work closely with several engineering student organizations.


Katy Arenschield


Co-op & Internship Program Manager

I provide individual job search advice and training to students.  I meet primarily with students who are pursuing internships or co-ops, though I advise students seeking full-time employment as well.  I also provide recruiting consultations with employers who are interested in hiring intern or co-op candidates.  I will be happy to provide information on how our Engineering Co-op & Internship Program works for both students and employers. My background includes a Masters of Education from Georgia State University and previous career counseling experience at Wake Forest University in the Graduate School of Business.

Kaitlin Schafer headshot

Kaitlin Hohenberger

Career Counselor

I provide students with career advice in the following areas: resume writing, job search strategies, interview preparation, and job offer evaluation. In addition to meeting with students one-on-one, I host career related workshops and classroom presentations. As the office liaison for international students, I coordinate events throughout the year specifically designed to meet their unique job search concerns. I also assist the Student Services team in coordinating the annual Job Shadow Program and serve as a co-advisor for Kappa Theta Epsilon. My background includes a Master’s degree in Education from Mercyhurst University where I gained internship and career counseling experience at the Career Development Center.

Ashley Strong

Career Counselor

I assist students with job search strategies through career counseling. While providing advice on resume writing, interview preparation, and networking, I guide students through the tools available at ECS for a successful co-op/ internship and career post-graduation. As a member of the Student Services team, I will also assist with engaging our first year students in First Year Gear Up, conduct presentations in the classroom, and host career development workshops. My background includes a Master’s degree in Education from The University of Akron and experience working with students in the university’s Career Center.

Effie Patitsas headshot

Effie Patitsas

Office Administrative Associate

I assist students in their transitions from campus to work. Contact me if you would like to be enrolled in Engineering 4191, the official engineering co-op/intern course. You may also contact me if you need a letter of good standing for a prospective employer, need to inactivate a dorm contract while on a co-op or intern assignment, or need verification of your full-time status to purchase athletic tickets or health insurance. I help employers connect with engineering students eager for field-related work experience. I compile Engineering Co-op & Internship Program statistics, help maintain our student and employer databases, and help keep our website updated.  I have a degree in journalism from Ohio State and worked as a reporter before joining ECS.

Laura Pizoli

Resource Planning Analyst 

I compile reports and statistics through both the management of our data collection and coordination with other university offices. I also help to answer questions and resolve problems with our online recruiting software, as well as troubleshoot procedural and technical issues. 
I have a degree in education, with specializations in mathematics and art, and taught STEM curriculum to middle and high school students for ~15 years.

Cecil Okotah 

Information Associate

I serve as a point of contact for ECS to provide excellent customer service to all student and employer relations by ensuring quality, accuracy, helpfulness, and efficiency. I coordinate student registrations and manage student assistants in processing registrations. I conduct follow-up surveys; produce reports; provide data management and administrative support for ECS. My background includes a degree in Environmental Policy and Decision Making from The Ohio State University with specialization in Environmental and Social Justice. I also have five years of working experience in customer service and it is my goal to build customer satisfaction by balancing effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of my services.