Job Shadow

Promote your company with Ohio State's Engineering Job Shadow Program! This highly structured program gives students the opportunity to preview your company by spending part of one work day on site at company locations throughout Ohio. The annual Job Shadow Program takes place on the day of your company's choosing during Ohio State's Spring Break Week.  The 2022 program will occur Monday, March 14th-Friday, March 18th. 

NEW IN 2022: Employers will have more control over their job shadow events than ever before! While ECS will provide guidance on how to make your event a success, we will not be managing student sign-ups moving forward or handling liability forms. We will still market your event—and the earlier you enter the full event details, the more comprehensive job shadow marketing your company will receive!

Participation requirements:

  • Company registered with ECS
  • Available to host during one day during Ohio State's Spring Break Week

Why you should participate:

  • Hosting students is a low-cost way to promote your company
  • Effective way to advertise career and co-op/internship opportunities
  • Network with participants, creating a "buzz" among Ohio State engineering students
  • Participating students can provide feedback on their interests/careers that may be useful to your company's recruiting team

How it works:

Employers choose...

  • Preferred day to host over Ohio State's Spring Break Week
  • Timing/agenda for the day
  • Number of students you can host
  • Majors preferred

ECS will...

  • Partner with you to market opportunities to students based on employer-provided information

The cost:

There is no cost to employers to participate.  If you are hosting a job shadow event over the lunch hour, it’s recommended that lunch is provided to the students.  Students provide their own transportation to the event. 


  • Now through February 15th: Employers create job shadow events in Handshake for students; the sooner you enter your event, the more marketing from ECS you will benefit from
  • February 15th-March 4th: Employers and ECS market opportunities; students sign up for job shadow events
  • February 15th-March 4th: Students sign up via the Handshake "Events" tab for various job shadow opportunities

  • March 4th: Last day for students to make changes or cancellations to their job shadow selections.

  • March 14th-18th; Ohio State's Spring Break Week: One day job shadow events take place over spring break

*ECS does not handle employer event cancellations, employer event modifications, student liability forms, student cancellations, or student sign-ups. Participation is at the discretion of companies and students. 

Want to know more?

For more information:

Rachel Kaschner
Assistant Director, ECS