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Registration Benefits

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering are not required to register with ECS, but those who do benefit from added services

Registered Students Receive:

  • Full use of the CareerEngine job search system—including being able to apply for engineering specific job postings and on-campus interview opportunities
  • Inclusion in engineering employers’ resume referrals
  • Searchable resume book: registered employers can run key word searches on active candidates' resumes
  • Professional consultations for help with resume reviews, job search letters, your job search strategy, interview coaching, and just about any other career related concern
  • Employer networking opportunities through the Ohio State Engineering Job Shadow Program, Engineering Career Success Conference and other employer events
  • Helpful resources: a "quiet room" for telephone and video interviews, a fax machine for sending and receiving employment-related faxes, and access to the student evaluations of their prior engineering work experience