Post-Graduate Outcomes

This dashboard provides an overview of post-graduate outcomes for engineering students in each area of study and degree level. Outcome information for College of Engineering graduate and undergraduate students can be filtered to show information for an individual area of study and degree level. In addition to providing standard outcomes (employed, further ed., other plans, seeking employment and no info.), the dashboard also provides the company or higher education institution that the student reported as their post-graduate destination.

Note: The data presented in this dashboard are aggregated from several sources including (1) the Ohio State Alumni Pathways Survey, a survey conducted by the Center for the Study of Student Life, and (2) additional outreach and data collection from the College of Engineering’s Career Services office. Therefore, the data in this dashboard may not perfectly match the Engineering student data in The Ohio State University First Destination Survey dashboard. For more information or to view the first destination dashboard for the university, please email

Using this dashboard 
Hovering over data points can display further information about the data in the view. Filters can be toggled on and off to show specified information about the data in the view. More information on filters, report controls, and data definitions can be found under the “i” button (top right corner).

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