Arenschield, Katy


I manage the Co-op and Internship Program within the College of Engineering.  In this role, I provide individual job search advice and training to students.  I meet primarily with students who are pursuing internships or co-ops, though I advise students seeking full-time employment as well.  I also provide recruiting consultations with employers who are interested in hiring intern or co-op candidates.  I will be happy to provide information on how our program works for both students and employers. I am also the point of contact for Intern Week and the Buckeye Engineers Work campaign. 

My background includes a Masters of Education from Georgia State University and previous career counseling experience at Wake Forest University in the Graduate School of Business.


My areas of expertise when working with students include resume and job search document development, self-marketing plan, behavioral style interviewing, job offer evaluation, and networking strategies.  When working with employers, I provide knowledge on building your brand on campus, retaining talent and converting interns to full-time hires, supervising and mentoring interns, and starting a program from scratch. 

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