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Posted: February 27, 2023

Did you know that ECS is on social media? We try our best to bring you fun and engaging content right at your fingertips. Whether that is on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or on our YouTube channel, there are so many avenues where you can get helpful career related advice and resources!

If you aren’t following us yet, check out the benefits and where you can find us below. And if you are following us, we hope you are enjoying the content whether you are on the job search or are looking for advice on professionalism in the workplace.

Our Channels:

Instagram & TikTok: Our Instagram and TikTok accounts allow viewers to get to know ECS on a more personal level. ECS Career Advisors and peer career coaches are frequently featured giving our viewers the inside scoop on all things career related. Check out our 55+ TikTok videos and 340+ posts & reels that live on our Instagram page. Love Instagram stories? We have those too!

LinkedIn Group: This private group has been created as an opportunity for current and former students to connect and stay engaged with ECS and the employers who work with our office. We encourage all group members to post questions, resources, and other relevant opportunities as they find them. Request to join our group and wait for your approval. When you are approved you will then have full access to start connecting with engineering likeminded professionals.

LinkedIn Page: Our LinkedIn page is another way to be in the know. We often post resources, ECS/employer events, and also re-share engineering opportunities that our followers may be interested in.

YouTube: View over 25+ quick, educational videos created by ECS staff members. From resume tips to networking advice, there are a variety of career related topics to choose from.

Benefits of Following ECS on Social:

  1. Networking Opportunities: ECS’ LinkedIn Group is where you will likely find the most networking opportunities between all of our social media platforms. With close to 2,500 members, consider reaching out to someone you would like to know better. Being part of this group is one thing you both already have in common! Not sure what to say when reaching out for the first time? View this video for tips on how to customize your LinkedIn connection request.
  2. Learn about Job Opportunities: Employers are encouraged (and often do!) post jobs in ECS’ LinkedIn Group. They are posting because they are looking to hire talented engineers just like YOU. Reach out to gain more information about the opportunity if it interests you. Remember, Buckeyes love hearing from other Buckeyes.
  3. Identify Companies who want to Partner with ECS: Just like at the career fair, employers want to tell students what their company is all about. Find Instagram posts that feature our ECS Partners and learn more about them by visiting their company website.
  4. Giveaways: That is right. Be on the lookout for giveaway opportunities throughout the academic year. In fact, ECS has some giveaways lined up this spring semester. Keep an eye out on our Instagram page and stories for more details on how you could win!
  5. Quick Grab & Go Content: Don’t have time for a 30-minute appointment or drop-in with ECS? Find resources, success tips, and event opportunities on all of our social media platforms. If you are looking for advice on a specific topic, check out our Instagram story highlights which include topics such as offers, networking, and interviews. Want a quick video that lasts five minutes or less? Check out our Youtube videos for similar topics.

“Success is about taking advantage of opportunity.” – Mike Ditka

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