Got a Few Minutes? High Impact Job Search Activities That Take No Time

Posted: March 29, 2021

Some days 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough time. When you’re job searching, things can get even more hectic and balancing school with other obligations becomes quite the task. What’s the solution? If you can give me 15 minutes or less, I’ll give you some job search practices with maximum impact. Make sure you are registered with Engineering Career Services to get the most benefit.

Make Your Experience Stand Out

  • 10 minutes: Use an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) compliant resume template from ECS (located in Handshake> Career Center> Resources> keyword search: resume) to start, then fill it in with your experience.
  • 10 minutes: Watch this resume playlist and use the advice to create a more impactful resume structure and bullets. Need some strong action verbs to begin your phrases? Check out page 9 of the ECS Student Handbook.
  • 5 minutes: Submit your document for a quick review via the Ask ECS button. This is intended to be used for specific questions and/ or after taking advantage of the resume development tools mentioned above. Allow up to 3 business days for a reply.

Use Handshake Shortcuts to Your Advantage

  • 15 minutes: Upload your resume onto Handshake and select “Build Profile from Resume”. Edit any errors and use the Handshake Profile Checklist (located in Handshake> Career Center> Resources> keyword search: Handshake) to ensure it is complete. Tip: Make sure you also select “Feature on Profile” to allow employers to view your document.
  • 5 minutes: Log into Handshake> Jobs and filter your search based on Job Type, Major, Employer Preferences (including work authorization and degree level) and Keyword. Select “Saved your search” on the left-hand side to receive a weekly email with jobs.
  • 5 minutes: Browse available positions in your saved search. If you only have a few minutes between classes, look for “Quick Apply” options that allow you to submit your application with just the click of a button.

The more you use Handshake, the better the system learns your preferences and interests. This will mean more relevant recommendations—and time savings—for you!

Sign Up for a 1:1 Session with Employers Hiring Now

  • 10 minutes: Register for the virtual Engineering Spring Into Your Career Fair on Handshake and sign up for a 1:1 session that will take place on April 6th. Research the company by reviewing their profile in Handshake and applying to one of their open positions.
  • 15 minutes: Practice your elevator pitch, so you can make a great impression during your 10-minute 1:1 session.

Try to create a weekly schedule and allot time to your job search. Setting aside even just an hour per week can help kickstart your progress. Scheduling a full, 30-minute appointment could be necessary to address more complex questions, practice interviews, or create a more thorough strategy.

“Work smarter, not harder.” - Unknown