Secrets to Sending Interview Follow Up


Making a good impression on a prospective employer doesn’t just end after you walk out of your interview. It is an ongoing process that can determine whether or not you receive a job or internship offer. You are aware of how to prepare for the interview, and the best practices for when the interview is occurring, but are you practicing one of the most important post-interview steps? Sending an email following up and thanking your interviewers for their time and consideration of you as a candidate is a crucial part of landing your desired role. So, how can we make sure that our follow up email is the best that it can be?

Be prompt

Don’t wait around after the interview, putting off contacting the employer. Create and send follow up emails for each interviewer that you met within two business days. Thoughtful and immediate follow up not only shows an appreciation for their taking the time to meet with you, but also demonstrates to the employer your ability to follow through. 

Personalize it

As previously mentioned, you should be writing each of the interviewers that you met a personalized email thanking them. This is why it is so important to make sure you aren’t leaving the interview without a way to get in touch! Rather than one general email sent to all of the interviewers, specialize each email to the individual, and include a part of your conversation with them that you felt was important. Maybe they mentioned that their favorite part of the job was the team atmosphere – this would be a great piece of information to include in your email to show that you appreciated hearing their thoughts and enjoyed the conversation with them!

Remind them why

Drawing on what you discussed in the interview, include information in your thank you email on why you would do well in this role. Let’s say that in the interview you spoke about a past project that would translate directly to the duties of this role. Use this opportunity to remind the recruiter of this experience and why it allows you to stand out as an applicant. A statement like, “the knowledge that I have gained from hands-on project experience would allow me to successfully carry out the day to day tasks of this position” is an example of how to incorporate your qualifications reminder.

Reiterate your interest and appreciation

The hiring process is a busy one for recruiters and hiring managers, full of hours meeting with different candidates and reviewing countless resumes, cover letters, and more. Use your follow up email to show a sincere appreciation for their time and effort. Reiterate your interest in both the position and the organization, and let them know that you are looking forward to connecting with them further about the position. If you forgot to ask about next steps in the process at the end of the interview, use your follow up email to do so.

The difference between standing out or fading into a crowd of job candidates could be this email! Utilize the thank you email after your interview as another way to demonstrate your interest in the position, your skills and ability to follow through, and lastly your appreciation for the company and their time. For a thank you email template, visit the Handshake Resource Library located in "Career Center" > "Resources".

“Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy” - Ralph Waldo Emerson