Best Practices for Remote Work

Posted: April 14, 2020

With the unique situation that we all find ourselves in right now due to the coronavirus, a lot of people are working from home. While working from home was previously possible for some roles, a majority of the workforce has been used to the routine that comes with commuting to their workplace. We tend to establish our structure with each workday and knowing what to expect helps us feel productive. If remote work is a new concept for you, consider the tips below to create a productive work setting while taking care of yourself and staying connected to colleagues.


As with any sort of work, communicating openly and frequently with your team and supervisor is key. When working from home, you may find it challenging to communicate with your coworkers. By taking the time to schedule consistent phone or video calls with colleagues, you can check in about work projects while also re-establishing the human connection that is so often lost with virtual work.

Reliable Technology

This almost goes without saying, but make sure that you have useable and reliable technology that would allow you to work effectively from home. Take stock of the work you will be doing to figure out your technology requirements. If what you have at home won’t work, make sure to communicate this with your employer to procure what is needed to be productive.


Another important aspect of working remotely is making sure your workspace is both comfortable and distraction-free. While it may be enticing to work in front of the TV, this could prove to be very distracting. Find a space in your home that will allow you to get your work done, and that you can “leave” once finished.

Routines & Structure

Lines can blur between work and personal time when working remotely. After establishing a workspace, ensure that you create routines that signal the start and end of your work day. This will make it easier to set boundaries that will offer you balance between work and home.


Working from home can bring a lot of benefits, but it is easy to forget how important interacting with your coworkers or traveling to your place of work can be to your mental health. During times when you may be working remotely (particularly when it’s indefinitely), make sure to take time for your own self-care. This can vary from person to person, but whatever it is that helps your mental and social health, make sure you do it. What makes you happy? Calling a friend or family member? Working out? Getting creative? Do at least one thing that makes you feel connected each day!

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