Connect with Multiple Companies This Spring Break: A Student Success Story

Posted: February 11, 2020

Photo of Jeffery. He is wearing glasses with sandy hair, a blue blazer jacket, and white tie.
Jeffery Morhous, Computer Science and Engineering December 2021

Looking for Spring Break plans and want to experience “a day in the life” of an engineer? Consider signing up for ECS’ Job Shadow Program! The Job Shadow Program is a ONE day commitment over Spring Break (March 9-13) where you can spend time with industry professionals at an employer’s site. You get to select from 30+ companies and have the option to sign up for more than one job shadow as long as the dates do not conflict. Discover how Jeffery Morhous, a current Computer Science & Engineering student, found success in the 2019 Job Shadow Program. Jeffery job shadowed at CoverMyMeds in Columbus, OH and has accepted a co-op with the company.

The job shadow day that I participated in was a little over half a normal workday. After we all arrived, Maria Moore (Technical Recruiter at CoverMyMeds and our host for the day) gave us a tour of the office and answered any questions we had along the way. We then sat down and discussed, over snacks of course, the CoverMyMeds journey- everything from how their product helps people get the medicines they need, to their relatively recent acquisition. Then, an enthusiastic technical leader from the team gave us a presentation highlighting his growing career at the company, and what it’s like to work there! Later, we were joined by a panel of former and current co-ops and apprentices. It was beyond exciting to ask them questions about their careers, decisions they made as students, and again, what it’s like to work there. Next, we joined the team for lunch, which the company provides daily for their employees. To wrap up the day, a web developer gave a presentation on how software development is done by the teams at CoverMyMeds, which definitely got my attention.

The most immediate benefit everyone will receive from taking part in a job shadow is getting a hands on feel for different jobs. You may confirm that you love what you plan on doing, or the exact opposite. Either way it’s best you know these things now! In high school, I once shadowed a doctor and learned that medicine was definitely not the field for me. After shadowing at CoverMyMeds last spring I was so engaged that I’ll actually be joining their team for a co-op this year! Another benefit is the access you will undoubtedly get from knowledgeable and friendly staff during your shadow program. Whatever you’re curious about, you can ask!

If you’re at all considering getting a job in any type of engineering when you graduate, then the job shadow program is designed for you. Even if you don’t feel you have an interest in a company/position that is offered, the benefit you gain from spending a day with qualified professionals who want nothing more than to help you succeed cannot be overstated. Sign up for a company that interests you - and show up ready to absorb as much as you can. I asked a lot of questions about company culture, because that’s something incredibly important to me. Use this opportunity to ask questions about what’s important to you, and you’ll find yourself making meaningful connections! Try to get the contact information of those who took the time to host you - and follow up with them after the experience. A simple thank you goes a long way in showing genuine appreciation and professionalism.

To sign up, be sure to register with ECS and visit Handshake > Events > Keyword "ECS: Job Shadow".

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