Employer Perspective: Recruitment Through LinkedIn

Posted: February 27, 2018

Have you ever wondered how companies use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes? Below, several CoverMyMeds’ recruiters weigh in on how they use the online professional tool in part 1 of our LinkedIn series.

How does CoverMyMeds use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool?

  • We use it as a tool to gather additional information, or confirm information, about candidates we’re working with during the hiring process. Sometimes, this is simply curiosity. Sometimes, though, information on a resume doesn’t quite add up, so we’ll cross-check it against the LinkedIn profile. In those cases, sometimes the LinkedIn profile clarifies things (“Oh! That wasn’t job-hopping, it was a new title at the same company!”). But sometimes, we’ve caught folks in a lie (“Hmm… looks like you got laid off 6 months ago, even though your resume says you still work for Acme Company.”) So – make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile match!
  • Our team also uses it as a recruiting tool to get people excited about CoverMyMeds. We do this through specific job postings, blog posts, our company page and just generally maintaining our individual presences.
  • When we have a new opening or a hard to fill requisition, we will all work together to share job postings to reach as many candidates as possible and ask other folks in the company to do the same.

Could you also share any information on the “LinkedIn Recruiter”?

  • We do have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, which allows us to take advantage of a few more features.
  • We can conduct proactive searches for candidates for specific roles. We can search by a number of different fields and get more specific results than with a regular account.
  • It also allows us to reach out to candidates through LinkedIn InMail, but we love when candidates include their direct email address!
  • Our team also uses LinkedIn Recruiter to build a pipeline of candidates. Sometimes candidates may have interesting experience, but they are not a fit for any current openings. We are always interested in talking to strong candidates and building a network for positions that could open up in the future. With LinkedIn Recruiter, we can create “projects” and save candidates to that project- either for immediate or future openings.

Join us for next week's blog where CoverMyMeds' recruiters offer advice for enhancing your LinkedIn profile and presence to increase your chances of getting noticed!

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