Columbus Series: The Idea Foundry and Why You Should Know About It

Posted: November 28, 2017

To kick off our two-part series with a spotlight on Columbus, OH we will take a look at the Columbus Idea Foundry. This is an invaluable resource to anyone that enjoys watching their ideas come to life—and it’s located right in our back yard! At the Idea Foundry you can see artists and entrepreneurs alike working on anything from furniture, sculpture, and jewelry to motorcycles, 3D printers, and video games. They even have a blog too! You can check it out after you read this one.

The Idea Foundry is divided into three floors. There is a 20,000 square feet workshop with a wide range of equipment, tools, and design/ assembly space to create and shape ideas. The second and third floors have offices and workspace for members.

If you are looking for a way to gain applicable experience to list on your resume for your intern, co-op, or full-time search—personal or group projects can be just what you need. Employers enjoy seeing personal projects on your resume as they communicate your genuine interest in the topic area and display your hands-on experience applying knowledge and/ or working with a specific software, material, or machine. When browsing the Idea Foundry’s website, you’ll see a variety of events and classes offered to the public.

For example, if you’re a computer science, computer, or electrical engineering student you should take a look at the listed meetups. The Foundry hosts a Tech Tribe Meetup every Thursday that covers technology topics with participants bringing a wide range of experience. Other events include virtual reality and game creation meetups, soldering electronics workshops, and business and entrepreneurship overviews—just to name a few!

The Idea Foundry’s website states that they “marry ideas and talents, tools and resources, experience and opportunity into a shared community of making”. There is great value and impact that a strong professional network can have on your job search prospects. If you are looking for another way to grow your network, interacting with game creators, metalsmiths, and entrepreneurs will not only increase your knowledge and experience but will also expand your network of like-minded creators in the area.

Learn more about the Columbus Idea Foundry and memberships HERE.

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