OSU Engineering Student Wins "Cool Co-op" Award

Posted: July 25, 2016

Every year the Ohio Cooperative Education Association (OCEA) has a contest that recognizes students from Ohio universities who have had a "Cool Co-op" experience.  Students must answer the question, "Why is the co-op cool?" and can choose among projects, people, or perks that made it so.  This year, Leslie Mamula (BS Mechanical Engineering, 2017) won the award for Cool Co-op People category!  

Leslie worked for Fortune 500 company, Willams Companies.  Williams is an energy infrastructure company that focuses on natural gas processing and transportation.  Leslie's co-op was located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here's what Leslie had to say about the cool people at her co-op:

"Last summer I worked with some of the best people.  My fellow interns, my manager, Dale, my mentor, Jeff, and my coworker, Neil, all continually showed me how to do my  job to my best ability and inspired me every day to be my best self.  Neil would stop by my office every morning with a 'safety moment picture' where he would ask me to find out what was wrong and then teach me how to spot the things that were out of place.  By doing this I got a more well-rounded view of everything that went on in the oil and gas industry and not just what occurred in my team.  Jeff constantly showed me how to rework specifications and would give me his tips of the trade to make things easier as I was going through and doing it on my own.  Dale went out of his way to make sure I felt welcomed in Utah, by offering to help find a place to live, giving me the opportunity to meet his family, and introducing me to people at work he thought would both be beneficial to know or that I would get along with.  Lastly, my fellow interns were awesome, from giving me tips on where to live, to flying to Tulsa, Oklahoma together (where Williams is headquartered), to drinking fantastic hot chocolate, to spending time hiking in the canyon behind our office.  I truly loved having the chance to get to know them and gain 5 amazing new role models and friends.  These people made my experience truly amazing and I’m excited to work with new people this summer."

Cool Co-op People Award Winner Leslie Mamula
Cool Co-op, Leslie Mamula, goes west for co-op with Williams Companies

Leslie was awarded $150 for her Cool Co-op entry and was recognized at the 2016 OCEA Conference Awards and Scholarship Dinner.  

Interested in applying for next year's Cool Co-op?  Contact ECS for details!  

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