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Resume books feature added to CareerEngine

Students registered with Engineering Career Services are required to reactivate their job search accounts every semester. Part of the reactivation process is uploading an updated resume to CareerEngine, which means employers have easy access to resumes of students who are actively searching for a job, co-op or internship opportunity.  This student reactivation process is unique to ECS!

Employers can use this great feature to identify appealing candidates, contact students directly to encourage them to apply for job postings or interviews, or invite them to campus recruiting events. You’re just a few clicks away from identifying top Buckeye engineering talent.

Getting started:

  • In your CareerEngine recruiting account, click on the Resume books tab and then select the desired resume book (BS Career Employment, MS & PhD Career Employment, MS & PhD Internships, or Part-time Employment).
  • Click on the Advanced Resume Search tab and select options to narrow the candidate pool to those meeting your criteria. Click Submit.
  • Click on the white paper icon to view a single resume or use the checkboxes to the left of each student to generate a resume packet. 
  • You can also use this feature to email selected students simply by clicking on Mail to Checked and then filling in the email fields and message body.


Questions about using resume books can be directed to Amy Franklin, 614-292-5830 or


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