Helpful Advice from a Successful Job Seeker

Posted: February 2, 2011

Recently, Mark McGown, a Chemical Engineering student graduating this summer, offered the following suggestions when reporting his job offers and acceptance.

"There are some things I would tell all students to do in order to successfully find a job:
-Register with ECS to look for jobs, but also take advantage of all networking opportunities, including career fairs, group meetings, information sessions and so forth.
-Prepare your resume by scheduling appointments with ECS.
-When applying for jobs, make sure your resume includes keywords the employer used.
-Do not mention a desired salary, or anything else they might use to filter you out. Put "negotiable" if salary is a required field.
-Apply to many more jobs than just those that interest you at first glance. Not only will this be good practice, but learning more about a company that's new to you will help you figure out what you really want to do.
-Finally, before your interviews, make notes on your resume of how to include the key words from the position in your interview. It will really help you and it is not at all strange to have this "cheat sheet" in front of you during an interview to help you align with their ideal candidate."

"Smarts and action are on the same side of the equation where the sum is success."
-Garrett Hazel

Authored by an ECS guest.