Expand your job prospects through personal contacts with employers

Posted: February 25, 2011

I find a lot of students frustrated with their job search when they are told to "go online and apply." Many students tell me they wish they could just talk with someone to learn more about opportunities...they like the ease of applying through their job search account, but they want to interact with employers as well. It's true that we live in the age of "high-tech, low-touch" but there are ways to make job search connections. One way is through the Engineering Job Shadow Program. This is not the job shadow program you might have experienced in high school!

Did you know that more and more engineering students are networking their way into internships and co-ops through job shadowing? We asked a past participant what helped him most during his job search. He said, "The job shadow program. It is a great opportunity, and I would recommend it to every student." He lined up an internship with the company he visited. I am hearing of more and more students who obtained co-op or internship employment by participating in the Engineering Job Shadow Program. Another student participant said, "The job shadow was perfect for me. I'm much better in person than on paper when searching for a job. The setup for the program was easy and the employer liked the program as well. I job shadowed and the company invited me to work last summer."

It's only a one day commitment over spring break week! You get to pick the company you visit (although you may visit more than one!). You connect one-on-one with employers that hire your major. You learn more about your field. You might even get a job. So what are you waiting for? Come into ECS between 8am-4pm Monday, February 28 or Tuesday, March 1 to sign up.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!"

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."
-Michael Jordan