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Buckeye Careers Network: What does it mean for you?

Ohio State’s goal with Buckeye Careers Network is to make job postings more readily available to all students within the University. This consolidation also aids in making the recruiting process more seamless for our employer partners

Important Features

  • Ohio State Career Services offices remain decentralized and provide the same personalized service at the college level
  • One username and password takes you to any Ohio State Career Services office portal – log in and jump to any other system within the network.
  • ​No need to create multiple job postings, on-campus recruiting schedules, and events in different systems—reach any* demographic of students from one system. Best practice: manage your recruiting efforts from the office portal where you recruit the most students.

*FisherConnect (the career service software for Business students) operates on a separate technical platform. To recruit business majors, you must also register for access to FisherConnect and post positions directly to that system.