In order to provide flexibility and accommodate all our students, including those who reside in other states or even countries in various time zones, ECS is implementing an “Ask ECS” feature in place of our daily drop-ins this semester.  

This format allows students to submit questions and documents for review any time - at your convenience. "Ask ECS" is optimal for quick questions you may have pertaining to your job search. Please note that for more complex questions/concerns, you may be asked to schedule an appointment so the topic can be addressed effectively.

Within 3 business days (we are on Eastern Standard Time), you will receive a response from an ECS advisor. If your question is extremely time sensitive (for example it's about a job posting with a deadline that same day), please contact the ECS front desk at 614-292-6651 or and we will try to accommodate you as soon as feasible for our staff .  Our office is open (virtually) from 8am-5pm EST.

Click the Ask ECS button to complete the questionnaire. NOTE: if you have a document you want reviewed with comments (such as a resume or cover letter), upload it in Microsoft Word format. 

For additional opportunities to refine your job search, check out our ECS Student HandbookRecruiter in Residence program and our Workshops.