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How to register

4 Steps to Registering

  1. Complete the ECS Registration Modules (see right sidebar for instructions)
  2. Create your resume (using a sample template from CareerEngine's Resources>Document Library) and upload it to CareerEngine
  3. Come to the Engineering Career Services office, 199 Hitchcock Hall, to sign the registration form and schedule your initial job consultation (the initial job consultation is not required for MS and PhD students) 
  4. Use the instructions you receive in the welcome email to activate your SAL (semester activation link), and meet with your ECS advisor. 

    REMEMBER: You only officially register once, but you need to re-submit the Semester Activation Link (on CareerEngine's homepage) each semester you're looking for employment


For BS students who are more than one calendar year from graduation: Meet with your academic advisor to plan when a co-op or internship work term will best fit into your schedule. Know when you can work before you apply for jobs!

For BS students who will graduate within one calendar year or any student pursuing their MS or PhD: If you have previously registered as an ECIP student but will now graduate within one calendar year, complete the online GS transfer form instead.