Group Registration Inquiry

Group registration events fulfill ECS registration requirements for a group of undergraduate students at once. During group registrations, participants are given a copy of their resume with edit notes and are asked to update their document while following along with the presentation. Participants tour Handshake, the ECS job search system, while preparing for their job search. Upon full completion of a group registration event, all attendees are registered with ECS. Registrations may take 2-3 business days to process.

  • Group Size: Minimum: 25 students Maximum: 120 students
  • Time Requirement: At least 90 minutes total
  • Details: Securing an event space with presentation equipment is the responsibility of the group leader. All students are required to bring a laptop with a digital copy of their resume for editing.
  • Preparation: Students must create and submit a resume using an ECS template. All printed resumes are collected by the group leader or course administrator and delivered to ECS no later than 2 weeks prior to event.

ECS will make every effort to accommodate your request, but group registrations are subject to staff availability and schedules. If you are interested in a group registration event, please fill out the inquiry form well in advance of your desired event date.

NOTE: Peak on-campus recruitment times may impact availability of group registrations.