Fuse Hackathon by Cardinal Health

Spark innovation and provide impactful solutions in health technology and patient care in a fun and competitive environment

Fuse by Cardinal Health
4305 W. Dublin Granville Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017
United States

Cardinal Health brings healthcare and technologies together to transform healthcare into a safer and more cost effective industry. 

Spark innovation and provide impactful solutions in health technology and  patient care in a fun and competitive environment with 100 fellow college developers, engineers, designers and medical experts at the 24 hour Cardinal Health Healthcare at home hackathon. 

What does Cardinal Health provide?

Opportunity to interact with Cardinal Health developers and technical subject matter experts all 24 hours. Deliver live demo and five minute lightning presentation to leadership judging panel on Saturday. Utilize open and interactive Fuse environment, whiteboards, SMART boards, meeting spaces and kitchen! Tablets and mobile devices will be available to QA and test applications throughout development. All meals will be provided. Snacks, caffeine, and soda/juices will be available throughout the event. We have powerful Wi-Fi, so don’t worry about that.



Who should come? Any college students interested in software engineering.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? See website.

Will food be provided? Oh yeah. We don’t code at Fuse without food!

Why should I come? We have summer 2015 software engineering internships up for grabs. Other prizes include Go Pros and Chipotle gift cards. Oh and did I mention the internships?!

What can/can’t I bring to the event? Please bring your laptop. If you have a Mac, you can connect to one of our Mac monitors during the hackathon. We do have showers. Just bring towels and toiletries.

The Hackathon will kick-off at 4 p.m. Friday with a showcase of the technology, philosophies and environment at Fuse by Senior Vice President Brent Stutz. We will go over the event timeline, goals, resources available and presentation rules directly after and then code away! 

Registration information

For more information, check out the event
hosting site cardinalhealth.com/fuse
Questions? fuse@cardinalhealth.com
What’s in it for me?

1st place: Internships and potential $1,000 cash prize
2nd place: GoPro Hero 3’s
3rd place: $300 Chipotle gift card
Popular choice: Raspberry pi’s

Winners will also have the opportunity
to receive coaching and mentoring
from Fuse executive leadership after
the competition!