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Cool Co-op Contest Submission Deadline!

Was your co-op awesome? Enter the Ohio Cool Co-op Contest!
Sunday, March 23, 2014, 11:50 pm

ECS and OCEA (Ohio Cooperative Education Association) are now hosting the Ohio Cool Co-op Contest. If you have done an internship or co-op work term between Jan. 1, 2013-Dec. 31, 2013, consider applying! It's easy, and you can win prizes!

ECS will be selecting its favorite entries and awarding winners with Barnes & Noble gift cards. OCEA typically awards awesome prizes for winners like ipods, gps devices, and more! By submitting an entry, you will be in the running to win prizes for both competitions.

What to include in submission:
--Complete the short Student Profile Page.
--Select one focus area. Was your internship/co-op cool because of 1) the "Projects" you worked on or 2) the "People" you worked with or 3) the "Perks" you received.
--Write 1 paragraph (300 words max.) about why you had the best Project, Perk, or worked with the best people at your internship/co-op. Keep it short, but use examples when possible.
--Title your paragraph.
--Include AND caption a photo related to the experience.
--Include the title of your entry as the email subject line

Deadline to have submissions in is Sunday, March 23. Send your materials to both contacts:

--Cierra Graham at
--ECS at

Please contact ECS if you have additional questions!