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Information Sessions

Information sessions are conducted by employers in order to familiarize students with your company and potential employment opportunities. We encourage companies to work with student organizations in the College of Engineering. Please contact the organization(s) of your choice directly by clicking on the link listed in the right sidebar and then typing in a specific major or group name in the search field to locate the contact information. 

Location Options

You can also reserve a location for your event.  Below is a list of places you could reserve (theses venues do come with a fee for reserving). For more information regarding these venues, please follow the link listed in the right sidebar.

•The Blackwell Inn
•Ohio Student Union
•The Ohio State University Faculty Club 
•Thompson Library

Publicize Your Event

Once you have arranged a space for your information session, you need to submit the session details through your Handshake account two weeks prior to the event.  This allows you to maximize promotional opportunities and provides students ample time to plan to attend your event.  If we receive insufficient notification about the event, our office will not be able to assist in promoting it; as a result, attendance may be impacted. Event details can be submitted by clicking the "Create an Event" button on the homepage of your Handshake account. If you have a flyer you’d like to include with the event, please send that to 

Why you should host an info session

  • Familiarize students with your company
  • Create awareness of upcoming employment opportunities
  • Network with students in a casual setting