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Co-op and Internship Program

The Engineering Co-op & Internship Program (ECIP) uses the terms "cooperative education" and "internship" to refer to specific, paid employment arrangements for current students. These opportunities are available through employers' formal and specially structured cooperative education and internship programs. The university and our employer partners provide students with a professional education that includes additional support, close supervision, meaningful work, performance feedback, and official documentation of work experience (through enrollment in a University course, ENGR 4191)

What's a co-op?

  • A co-op (or cooperative education experience) consists of two or more semesters of full-time work
  • Alternating periods of work and school
  • More responsibility with each return or rotation
  • No upward limit to the number of semesters students can work; however, invitations to continue with an employer are contingent upon factors like employer need and student performance
  • Employers often consider students early-on in their studies for these opportunities

What's an internship?

  • Internships are single work terms of full-time work
  • Internships sometimes require advanced coursework and more in-depth knowledge of the student's engineering discipline in order to engage students in meaningful work and maximize employer investment in that student