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Employer Registration/Login

Prior to recruiting Ohio State Engineering candidates, employers are required to agree to our employer policies and create an account with us

New Employer to ECS?

If you are a new employer to ECS, register your organization (and yourself) with us using the Employer Login on the right. Once approved (typically within 1-2 business days), you'll receive an e-mail message with detailed information on getting started with ECS. 

New Contact for an Existing Employer in ECS?

If your organization already has an account in our system, you can simply register yourself as an additional contact for the company using the Employer Login on the right. Your account will be merged with the existing company information.

Personnel Change at your Office?

If the previous contact for your business no longer works in your office (or no longer works with HR/Recruiting responsibilities), and you become responsible for taking over their posts/activity, register yourself as an additional contact for the company using the Employer Login on the right.  Your account will be granted access to the necessary information, and the previous employee's information will be archived intact.  Please do not try to take over the old account; you will not be able to edit the correct fields, and you will not have access to pertinent information.

Forgot your Password?

No worries! After clicking on the link to Login, choose "Forgot Password".  You will be prompted to provide your email address and will soon receive a link to reset.