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Career Fairs

There are two engineering-specific career fairs on campus annually.  Both require current Ohio State student ID for admission

Engineering Expo

Expo is sponsored by Engineers' Council. Proceeds from this well-attended, annual, two-day event support engineering student organizations and project teams. For a list of companies who have attended the Expo, see the events section of your Handshake job search account.

SWE Engineering Career Fair

The SWE Fair is managed by the Ohio State Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in partnership with Engineering Career Services. Although this one-day event is managed by SWE, it is open to ALL students with a valid BuckID. Proceeds from this event support SWE. For a list of companies who have attended this fair, see the “Events” section of your Handshake job search account.


Note: The Ohio State University holds over 30 Career Fairs each year. Although Expo and SWE are the only two that are engineering specific, you may find that other career fairs are beneficial as well