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Most Employer Interviewing Takes Place Fall Quarter

How quickly summer flew by…it’s hard to believe it is mid-September. Employers have already started interviewing on campus at semester schools, and fall on-campus interviewing is just around the corner here at Ohio State. In fact, if you check out your job search account, you’ll notice that you can start applying for Preselect schedules this coming Monday, September 22nd. The first deadlines won’t be far behind that either. It’s common for many students to miss out on on-campus interviews due to the early timing. Keep in mind though that approximately 65% of on-campus interviewing takes place in October and November.



Are you ready to begin your job search? Make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row…



  • Is your resume updated to include your summer job, recent projects, and updated coursework? Be sure the document reflects your recent experiences!

  • Is it time for a resume … 
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ECS Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Engineering Career Services / Engineering Co-op & Internship Blog! Blogging is a new endeavor for our office, but we hope to use this portion of our web site as a tool to communicate timely job search advice, promote related events, and occasionally, feature guest writers, such as recruiters and engineering students. Our goal is to offer you varied perspectives on finding success during your engineering career, co-op, or internship search. We hope that the blog will become an interactive part of your job search that you’ll use often. Have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered? Email to make suggestions!

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