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How long should your resume be?

If you’re an intern, co-op, or graduating senior, one page is the standard resume length. If you’re a graduate student with multiple publications or presentations (especially if you have four or more years of engineering experience), you will probably need at least two pages to effectively market your background.

If you’re a senior with a lot of work experience, a long list of campus activities, and a full “qualifications” section, you may be thinking, “How can I fit everything on one page?” or “What should I cut?” The answer depends largely on your unique circumstances, but these guidelines should help.

  1. Everything on your resume must be accurate – but everything doesn’t need to be on it. You probably have been adding things every year without editing out the earlier information that should be replaced with more current stuff. For example, by the time you’re a senior, those first-year engineering … 
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Is your GPA Preventing You from Applying to Jobs?

Listing a GPA on your resume is optional. However, if you choose not to include your GPA, you should be prepared to discuss it, since it will probably come up in conversations with employers. (“Do you believe your GPA accurately reflects your abilities?”) One option: If your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA, you can list just your major GPA. Everything on your resume should be accurate…but you don’t have to the highlight items that may work against you.

If your overall GPA doesn’t match the minimum an employer has set for an on-campus interview, you may still be able to apply by submitting an override request form. Not all employers accept overrides, but if you have related experience, a GPA that is just under the minimum, or a major GPA that matches / exceeds the requirement, you are welcome to submit an override request. These forms are … 

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