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Resumania Humor

This has been an intense week. With on-campus recruitment in full swing and 220 employers attending EXPO, I'm sure you've been spending your free time updating your resume, practicing your elevator pitch, applying to jobs, and attending company information sessions (at least that's what I hope you have been doing!). I thought we'd lighten the mood on the ECS Job Blog and share some humorous resume blunders taken from some unfortunate job seekers' resumes (taken from Resumania)…enjoy!

"INTERESTS: Chess, soccer, cricket bowling."
Crickets can bowl?

"JOB HISTORY: Restaurant manager. Cleaned and supervised employees."
That is clearly going above and beyond the call of duty.

"OBJECTIVE: I am looking for a challenging career where there is scope for ample demonstration because I am always on the lookout for a positive and bigger outlook, currency and ideas which thrive on imagination, passion and boundless curiosity and rigorous thinking." … 

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When to include a cover letter

When should you include a cover letter? Targeted cover letters (if written correctly) can enhance your application and pinpoint what qualifications you have that an employer is seeking for a particular position (a one-size-fits-all approach is not the route to take!). However, not every application requires a cover letter—in fact, in some instances; employers would prefer not to receive one. It’s likely you will be submitting materials for three types of applications...

Within your ECS Job Search Account:

  1. “P” types (“Preselects” also known as on-campus interviewing opportunities): For on-campus interviews, employers like being able to interview many candidates in a relatively short time frame. Since one of their goals is efficiency, we don’t recommend including a cover letter when applying—in fact your job search account only allows you to submit a resume.

  2. “J” types (“Job Listings” which are opportunities where an employer cannot make it on campus to interview, so … 
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The Application Abyss

"I haven’t heard anything from my applications!"

We hear this often. Occasionally, employers will alert ECS to something notably bad, but fortunately that’s rare. (We’ll let you know if we hear something about you!) The only feedback we regularly get is from kind-hearted employers who give us interview feedback from time to time – that’s generally couched in terms of interview improvements that could be made. (Again, we’ll let you know.)

Years ago, employers did send out rejection letters. (But that was when students actually sent – by mail – cover letters and resumes for each job.) Today, employers are simply not going to take the time to let rejected applicants know why they didn’t match. (So…you clicked a “submit” button and selected your resume from a pop-menu, but think the employer should send personalized notes to all 120 unsuccessful applicants?) At the very least, doing so would … 

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Help with cover letters

In this week's blog we want to discuss a few tips for writing strong cover letters.

The most important point about cover letters is: do not make a generalized letter to send out to multiple employers. Each cover letter should be tailored to the company you are interested in applying for, and more specifically, the exact position you are applying to.

To achieve this, I recommend the following prep work:

  • If searching online, print the job posting - highlight/underline every qualification listed within the posting (i.e. education, experience, interests/hobbies, personality qualities, technical skills).

  • Using the qualifications specified, identify which qualifications you have that match those they are looking for. Note: even if you do not meet all of their qualifications, don't be discouraged from applying! They may be happy to find a candidate that fulfills most of the qualifications.

  • This preparation can help you determine if the position is … 
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Should I update my resume even if "nothing has changed?"

Absolutely! It's important to update your resume regularly, whether it's the resume in your ECS job search account or a resume posted on a particular company site or commercial job board. Many applicant tracking systems - including the ECS/ECIP "Resume Book" - make it possible for employers to search for the newest resumes or those posted with a certain period of time. If you don't update your resume frequently, many employers simply won't look at it.

How often should you update it? For your ECS job search account, co-op and intern candidates can get by with just updating every quarter - ideally before the new quarter starts or at the very beginning of the quarter. Graduating students should update at least that often, but could do so more frequently. Many recruiters look first at resumes that appear to be no more than 5--6 weeks old, because they assume resumes with … 

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