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A successful summer job experience starts with SAFETY

Today we're featuring workplace safety expertise from Carmen LaTorre, an Advanced Engineer from Owens Corning Science & Tehcnology...

This is a very exciting month! The start of the wonderful summer weather also means the start of fun and challenging internships and full-time jobs for many Ohio State engineering students.

During your first week on the job you will most likely be given some type of safety orientation. Right now when you think of workplace safety, what comes to mind? A pair of safety glasses and some ear plugs? How about a lab coat and gloves? Or perhaps steel toed shoes and a hard hat?

While these may be the most familiar and common safety items you will hear about and use during your work experience, the irony is that personal protective equipment (PPE) is the VERY LAST line of defense in a proactive safety culture. The primary objective is identifying … 

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Interview Tips from BP Recruiting

Today's blog features interview tips from the recruiters at BP America, Inc.

Your interviews should be a two-way process. We will want to find out about you, your skills and abilities, and we would expect you to learn more about us too. Here are a few reminders to help you prepare:
• Do your research: look at our website, brochures and any recent media articles. And if we visit your campus, come and talk to us.
• Be clear on your motivation for wanting to join our company and be ready to explain what role interests you and why.
• Remind yourself of your application. We will talk to you in depth about your academic and technical background as well as some of the other things on your application form.
• In particular, you should think about particularly significant achievements in your life - either in the academic world or … 

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The view from the other side of the interview desk, Part II

Now guest writer, Carmen LaTorre (Advanced Engineer from Owens Corning) is going to discuss what an interviewer looks for in potential employees...

Side of the Desk #2: The Interviewer
As the competition for engineering jobs increases, the need for engineers with certain qualities also becomes more essential to employers. Here are several key qualities that I often look for when selecting candidates:

1. Emphasis on teamwork – I discussed this in the previous section, and it cannot be overstated. Your ability to work on a team is ABSOLUTELY critical for running successful projects in industry!!! Thus, this is a highly valued trait to see during interviews.
2. Emphasis on accountability – There is significant value in an employee who does what he/she says will be done. When productivity and/or technology breakthroughs are needed to realize significant financial gains for your company, this accountability becomes even more critical. Citing specific examples … 

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