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On-Campus Recruiting

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus!   I took a walk the other day around the stadium and heard a lone trumpet player working on the “fight song”—so I know the time is near!    

As the fall semester unfolds and you figure out your classes and homework load among many other things, don’t forget to add events happening in Engineering Career Services to your busy calendar.   The Engineering Expo is right around the corner-- September 18th at the Ohio Union from 11:00 – 4:00. We are proud to be the host of the biggest job fair at Ohio State! Click here for more information.

Due to the sheer volume of employers that you could potentially meet, it’s important to prepare ahead of time—come to one of the Career Fair Success workshops which will be held on Sept 5th (5:30), Sept 16th (4:30) and Sept … 

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Improve your skills with mock interviews!

Did you know that ECS is offering mock interview sessions spring quarter on Friday, April 24th, Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, May 6th? Top performers in any field improve through coaching, practice, and feedback. In a competitive job market, ECS is ready to help you become a top performer. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hone your interviewing skills!

ECS staff members will be “interviewing” students using commonly asked standard and behavioral interviewing questions. Interviewees will be formally assessed during the interview and will receive feedback following the mock interview. Qualities we’ll be focusing on for behavioral questions include:

• Achievement
• Teamwork/Conflict Management
• Technical Knowledge
• Initiative/Effort

Sign up for a one hour time slot through your job search account. Simply log in, click on the “Jobs” tab and type in keyword “mock” to schedule. Sign-ups are first come, first serve basis, so don’t delay!

"In … 

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Working a Career Fair

Career fairs can be pretty intimidating...hundreds of companies, even more students, and those distracting freebies. I'm going to put myself in your shoes and share how I would maximize my results for success...

I've arrived early to beat the rush and get more face time with recruiters. (It is usually busiest during lunch time, and it's hard to have a real conversation when lines start forming.) I'm dressed in pressed business attire (although business casual would be fine too). I'm armed with resumes, reference pages, my unofficial transcripts (advising report) and a portfolio (for jotting notes and storing business cards). I've left my coat and book bag at coat check and my cell phone is turned off.


I've identified my top priority companies that I'd like to talk to. I've researched what products or services they provide and determined why I'm interested in their specific company. I've … 

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