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Changes to Your ECS Job Search Account

Today's post is written by Rachel Kaschner, the ECS Student Services Manager, who oversees graduating and graduate student services in Engineering Career Services.  

Perhaps you’ve logged in recently to your ECS Job Search Account (aka “CareerEngine”) and noticed a few changes?  ECS has spent the summer—and is still making modifications—to the online job search system.  You may remember us notifying you of this upcoming change in the spring.  In a nutshell, in the spirit of “one university”, all OSU career services offices merged job search systems to provide more consistency regarding students’ job opportunities. 

The software being used for CareerEngine is the same as the old version; however, there are some distinct differences in the version being used.  Here are some of the changes you will notice…

  • You’ll now log in to your CareerEngine job search account the same way you login to Buckeye Link … 
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The Benefits of Social Media in Your Job Search

Following the last blog entry, you should now be aware of the potential detriment of irresponsible social media usage during your job search. Inappropriate profiles and postings can even cost you a job! But this doesn’t mean that you have to go on a mass deletion spree. Social media sites can actually be a benefit to you if used properly. Many companies are creating Facebook fan pages to get the word out to consumers and even using Twitter to promote special events or products. In fact, some large companies have entire departments dedicated to social media.

Today we’ll focus on LinkedIn—a social networking site that many consider the professional equivalent to Facebook. Your profile on this site is essentially your resume, and you can network with others though varying channels.

In an article published in the OSU newspaper, The Lantern, Pierce (2012) quotes Steven Redd, a Public Affairs student … 

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Important changes coming to your ECS job search account

First things first—login to your ECS job search account and download any resumes you have saved to the job search system and save them to your PC prior to June 1.

Why do this? Ohio State is consolidating all career services job search systems this summer (starting June 1). Engineering Career Services and the online engineering job search system will be part of a larger OSU system of career services called the Buckeye Careers Network. The consolidation is happening in order to create a “one stop shop” for all OSU students to conduct their online job search through a single resource. This means that your job search account is going to be somewhat different than what you are used to. Some major changes that you will notice include:


  • A new name…the engineering version of the new job search system is being named CareerEngine. It’s essentially still your job … 
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Last minute job search strategies

Have you put off your search for a summer internship? Are you graduating in June but have yet to apply for any career positions? Have you recently started applying for postings but haven’t received any offers? This blog entry will assist you with finding a position as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a summer internship or co-op, it’s not too late to find a job. However, realize that as the remaining weeks pass by, there will be fewer summer internship/co-op opportunities available. Apply for as many positions as you are interested in within the next few weeks before the options for summer are exhausted.

If you’re looking for full-time career employment after graduation, there is no impending “cut-off deadline” for job postings in your job search account like there are for summer intern/co-op opportunities. However, know that a career search can take several months. If you’re looking for … 

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Why do I have to activate (aka unblock) my account every quarter?

“Activating” or “unblocking” your job search account should be done the first week of every quarter (soon to be semesters). Activating early in the quarter ensures that you don’t miss out on job opportunities. The benefits of being an active candidate are twofold:

1) You can submit your resume to on-campus interview opportunities and job postings through the ECS job search system.

2) Should employers be inclined to pull resumes from the job search system (or contact ECS to do so), yours will be included if you match up with the qualities they are seeking.

The bottom line: If your account is unblocked, you are visible to employers and can engage in a proactive job search. If you are blocked, you are essentially invisible to employers and won’t get very far obtaining an internship, co-op, full-time or part-time job.

Activating your account is comprised of two quick and painless steps … 

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