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Job Search Strategy

What does this button do? Making the most of your job search account

At the beginning of each term, students upload an updated resume and unblock their job search account to apply to co-op, internship, part-time and full-time job postings. In addition to hitting the “Apply” button, are you getting the most use out of your job search account? Here are a few ECS tools within your job search account that you can use to maximize your efforts:

- Shortcuts: These are not fillers for our front page; they’re really effective tools for your job search outside of ECS! Resources like and are aggregate websites that scour the Internet for job postings – the Google-like results of these search engines take you directly to the job posting on the employer’s web page, which is convenient and saves time.

- NACE Salary Calculator: Does your job application ask that you provide a “Desired Salary”? In every single job posting in … 

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View from the front desk: Developing job search skills takes time and patience

Two of the most frequent questions I get at the Engineering Career Services’ front desk are:

“Is it too late for a summer internship?” Short answer: No. True answer: The sooner in the school year you start looking, the greater your opportunities.

“Can you help me find a job?” Short answer: Yes. True answer: We can help as much as you are willing to seek help and are the earlier you look the better your chances.

Don’t wait until you are about to graduate to learn job search skills. Just like any skill, looking for a job improves with practice and patience. Start as soon as you can and keep a steady pace.

What happens if you fall behind the recommended path and have to catch up? I can relate to this happening with regards to parenting. My 5th grade daughter can’t ride a bike. I was too busy to … 

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Why You Should Check Out Employer Locator

The ECS website has a plethora of resources regarding resumes, the job search, interview strategies, etc. Some students have specific locations preferences, whether it’s close to home or trying out a different state through a job opportunity. Instead of looking at companies and hoping they have a site in your desired geographical area, it may be more helpful to perform a location search as it relates to your field of interest to see what opportunities may be available.

That’s where Employer Locator comes in!

Employer Locator allows you to search nearly 12 million employers and find contact information and maps to potential employers. Using the website, you can conduct searches by: Industry, Occupation, Location, and Keyword. As an engineering student, you might find the “Occupation” option most helpful. After clicking “Search by Occupation” tab, select a state, then select “Architecture and Engineering”.

The “Occupation” page lists 35 types of engineers … 

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It's almost Halloween... don't let your job search scare you!

Did you know 85% of OSU engineering students that had full-time jobs at graduation had internship or co-op experience before they graduated? Related work experience is THAT important…even more important than your GPA (though that helps too). Let’s be honest…a job doesn't just magically happen, it takes TIME. And time is not something engineering students have a lot of—though a job search doesn’t have to be scary! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

  • Activate your job search account the week before the new quarter starts EVERY quarter that you are looking. Unblocking (aka “activating”) your account consists of uploading your updated resume and submitting the Quarterly Activation Form. It essentially tells employers “I am looking for a job”—it allows you to apply for positions through the job search system AND it allows employers to pull your resume from the database should they be so … 
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Spring has sprung - refresh your job search with

Indeed is a job search site I was recently introduced to by a student. Much like DirectEmployers, the opening page has simple search criteria: “What” and “Where” followed by the “Find Jobs” button to launch the search. There’s also an “Advanced Job Search” link which allows you to refine your search with keywords, job type, geographical preference, etc. If you have specific geographical interests, this section lets you to search jobs within a chosen radius of particular city. For example, you can search for jobs within a 50-mile radius of Columbus. (Note: If you use the advanced search--“Show jobs of type”--section to look for full-time or internship positions, be sure to try the basic search agent as well to make sure you’re seeing all relevant results.)

Below are a few suggestions of search terms and “key words” (yes, try your search terms in quotation marks to narrow results):


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