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Job Search Strategy

Why you should consider companies you’ve never heard of

Today's post is written by Amy Thaci, ECS Director, and Rachel Kaschner, ECS Student Services Manager.

Not all companies have the brand recognition that corporations like General Electric or Nestle do—in fact, most do not!  We’re more likely to be familiar with large companies (and their brands) that sell consumer products—we know that GE for one, produces light bulbs and that Nestle makes chocolate!

Therefore it is only natural for students to flock to these types of companies at a job fair or when perusing job postings. But how about trying out the companies who aren’t so well known? If you are interested in a particular industry, you don’t necessarily have to work at the “big name” company that delivers the actual product, you can get equally valuable experience by working for a supplier to those major industries. 

Large companies like a P&G or Honda won’t always have … 

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Resources for students seeking academic jobs in engineering

Today's post is written by Dean Pidcock, Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manager

Are you considering an engineering career in higher education?  There are many online resources to assist you with your academic job search, including:  

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Tips for Setting Up a Search Agent in CareerEngine

Today’s post is written by Dean Pidcock, Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manger

When a student first logs into CareerEngine, it can be a bit overwhelming to see a list of over 2,000 job postings!  CareerEngine is part of the Buckeye Careers Network, which combines all job postings from all colleges at Ohio State into one centralized database.  In order to weed out most of the jobs you are not interested in, it is crucial to create search agents. 

To begin, log into CareerEngine and click the “Jobs” tab followed by “Jobs (for OSU students)”.   Here you will see the master list of all job postings at Ohio State.  Next you will want to pay attention to the two tabs marked “Advanced Search” and “Search Agents”.   Once a search agent has been created, it will be listed under the “Search Agents” tab.  First … 

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Using STRENGTHS in the Job Search

Today's post is written by ECS Graduate Advisor Jillian Baer, who advises intern, co-op, and full-time employment seeking students.

Gallup’s studies of the top achievers in most careers and professions indicate that they “invent” ways to apply their greatest talents and strengths as they work.  If they are unable to do so, they move on until they find a career in which they can.  A large benefit of co-ops and internships is having the ability to try out different work environments in order to find the best fit.  After identifying your strengths (or Signature Themes), you will have a huge advantage to be able to understand your areas of strength and to find a way to incorporate them daily at a job site.

A strengths-based approach to career planning and development starts with self-knowledge and awareness.  This means understanding what we do best and what we … 

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The Importance of the Information Session

Information sessions are one avenue for companies to get the word out at OSU about who they are and what they are all about. Companies of all sizes hold these events for students, but they can be especially important for companies who may not be household names. It is always a good idea for you to take advantage of this valuable time with a company, especially if you’re interested in potential job opportunities. 

So what can you expect from an information session? Well, the short answer is…great information about a company! There is only so much one can learn from perusing a website or reading a pamphlet. Sometimes it takes interacting with employees to get a good feel for not only the potential opportunities available, but also for the company culture, which is sometimes just as important as the job itself. Sometimes companies will incorporate a few additional components … 

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