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What your ECS job search account can do for you; Part I

Are you considering registering with ECS? There are many benefits that come with registration…one of these benefits includes access to a job search system…which is exclusive to OSU engineering students. Using our convenient web-based services will greatly expand your co-op, internship, and/or full-time prospects. Benefits include (but are not limited to!):

On-campus interviews: Hundreds of employers visit ECS annually to interview engineering students. Registered students can research employers and schedule on-campus interviews with just a few clicks. Employers who come to campus to interview engineering students are specifically seeking talent from OSU. In addition, many of these recruiters are OSU alumni who want to hire from their Alma Mater.

Job postings specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students: Some employers aren’t able to come to campus to conduct on-campus interviews, so instead they will post opportunities in the job search database. These employers are specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students. It’s … 

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View from the front desk: Is it too late for an internship?

The main question here at the front desk for the past two weeks has been “is it too late for an internship?” The answer is both yes and no. Most students have asked this question because they are seeking a position for this summer. Now. June. Except for maybe one or two summer job seekers who get very lucky, it is too late for June. Many student s with internships began their job search in September of 2010. Some might have started prepping in June 2010.

Consider this coming autumn, winter, spring and next summer for internship/co-op rotations. One thing I can guarantee is that if you don’t prepare and refine a resume, as well as look for and actively apply to jobs that fit your skills, you will not find a position. Why not start looking for next summer’s (or other term) internship right now? Polish your resume and … 

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Spring has sprung - refresh your job search with

Indeed is a job search site I was recently introduced to by a student. Much like DirectEmployers, the opening page has simple search criteria: “What” and “Where” followed by the “Find Jobs” button to launch the search. There’s also an “Advanced Job Search” link which allows you to refine your search with keywords, job type, geographical preference, etc. If you have specific geographical interests, this section lets you to search jobs within a chosen radius of particular city. For example, you can search for jobs within a 50-mile radius of Columbus. (Note: If you use the advanced search--“Show jobs of type”--section to look for full-time or internship positions, be sure to try the basic search agent as well to make sure you’re seeing all relevant results.)

Below are a few suggestions of search terms and “key words” (yes, try your search terms in quotation marks to narrow results):


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Avoid Job Search Scams

There are many job search sites on the Internet. Many are beneficial to candidates seeking employment. However, job search scams do exist and it is important for job seekers to take the necessary precautions to avoid such scams. The World Privacy Forum states, “Job scams are fake job ads…that seek to lure job seekers to give up personal data and/or perform a fake job.”

  • Avoid job search sites that say they will “guarantee employment”. No one can guarantee you employment! If a job search site says it can guarantee employment, it should be a red flag to you that something isn’t right with this resource.

  • Be cautious of fee-based employment services. Some employment services might say they will give you your money back if they cannot find a job for you. However, you should read the fine-print carefully. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract before you … 
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Expand your job prospects through personal contacts with employers

I find a lot of students frustrated with their job search when they are told to "go online and apply." Many students tell me they wish they could just talk with someone to learn more about opportunities...they like the ease of applying through their job search account, but they want to interact with employers as well. It's true that we live in the age of "high-tech, low-touch" but there are ways to make job search connections. One way is through the Engineering Job Shadow Program. This is not the job shadow program you might have experienced in high school!

Did you know that more and more engineering students are networking their way into internships and co-ops through job shadowing? We asked a past participant what helped him most during his job search. He said, "The job shadow program. It is a great opportunity, and I would recommend it … 

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