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Strategies for Writing Effective Emails

Do you ever feel like the emails that you send just disappear? The Radicati Group reports that over 205 billion emails per day were sent in the year of 2015. It is estimated that over one-third of the worldwide population will be using email by the end of 2019. Email is a common platform used by most businesses as well as consumers. Why is all of this information interesting to know? It may be challenging to grab a recruiter, company, or individual’s attention with communication through an email.

Wanting to get more replies from recruiters, companies, or classmates? Get to the point. Keep the language simple, but not simplistic. Speak in a positive fashion. Think about your subject line (shrink your subject line message). Ask a question or two.

If you as a student feel that you get bombarded with emails every day, think about a recruiter recruiting at only … 

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Writing a successful cover letter

While it may be rare that you are required to write a cover letter for an engineering job, when the time comes, it had better be good.  At the very best, a cover letter can help you, as a job-seeker, stand out from the crowd.  At worst, it can actually make you, already a qualified and promising candidate, seem like a bad writer, uncreative, or even (gasp!) a “copy and paster.” You do NOT want to fall into any of those categories.

Below are tips to make your cover letter help, not hurt, your chances of getting hired.

  1. Tailor it to the job and company.
    The first paragraph of your resume should state the position you are applying for, how you found out about the job, and most importantly, your genuine interest in the company.  So many students use standard, generic templates for cover letters that … 
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Sealing the Deal After the Interview: Say Thank You!

You just walked out of your first interview for a summer internship. You did all the right things to land the interview: you tailored your resume to the job, you networked with company reps at the career fair and info session, and you prepared thoroughly; you think you nailed it!  The interviewer said that you could expect to hear from them in two weeks regarding next steps.

So, now what???? Do you just sit back and wait to hear from them? No! It’s time to write a follow-up note or email.

While a handwritten note is still nice and will certainly make you stand out, email is now the appropriate format in which to thank an employer for an interview opportunity.  Employers will appreciate that you did at least send thanks.  In fact, if you know the person is traveling a lot (this is very common for recruiters) … 

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