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Job Offers: Negotiating Salary

Salary Negotiation Part I: Circumstances for Negotiating

It’s easy to find books and websites (maybe friends and relatives!) that say, “always negotiate!” But is it true?

No, it’s not. Sometimes you have no basis for negotiation. But how can you tell?

Once you have an offer (or several, if you’re lucky), start by asking yourself “what do I like about this job offer?” Look at the whole package: is the work interesting? Do you like the company, the location, the co-workers or supervisors you’ve met? Is this a good launching point for your career? What about non-salary aspects, like benefits, vacation, working hours? Take a look at the Offer Comparison Chart in your copy of the Career Services Handbook for a longer list of factors to consider. Above all, remember one thing: no one can pay you enough to make you happy doing a job you don’t like.

If you have only one offer, keep in mind … 

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