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Interviewing: General Advice

What NOT to Do in an Interview

For many job-seekers, the most stressful part of the hiring process is the interview. Knowing that your future career can depend on 30 minutes of questioning can certainly be nerve-wracking! To increase your confidence, try focusing on the things you know you can control. A big part of this is being able to identify distracting behaviors that could even result in you not getting the job. Obsessive pen-clickers, read on…

Here is a list of 4 things NOT to do in an interview:

1.       Arriving underdressed – interview attire is important and is an immediate impression on the interviewer. If you aren’t dressed appropriately, it can be a distraction and even can be detrimental. The rule of thumb is it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Business professional (see past blogs “Men’s Professional Attire and Women’s Professional Attire) is almost always appropriate. If the company expects different … 

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How to answer the "weakness question"

We’re still in the midst of on-campus interview season! Be sure you are well prepared for what is commonly known as “behavioral-based interview questions.” There are some questions that aren’t so bad, like “Tell me about yourself”, or “Why are you interested in our company?” Then, there are the trickier ones: “So, tell me, what is your greatest weakness?”

It is assumed that practice makes perfect. But in some cases, you must first be aware of the “do’s” and “don’ts.” Here are a few tips on how to answer the “weakness question”:

Don’t be overly broad:  Make sure to be specific when explaining your weakness. For example, saying “I am not good at communicating in a large group of people” can sound extremely different in comparison to “Sometimes I have trouble giving presentations to a big audience.”

DO show how you are improving this weakness: If your … 

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Know Your Interviewing Rights!

After graduating from college, I was a supervisor at a coffee shop for a couple years. One of my favorite aspects of that position was interviewing potential new hires. Whether you are looking for a position as a barista or a software engineer, the purpose of an interview is pretty similar across the board: gather information from the candidate and assess whether they fit the position or not. However, while conducting an interview, an employer needs to avoid asking questions or making comments that might infringe upon a candidate’s rights. Be sure you know yours before you step foot in the interview!  This week’s blog post sheds light on what questions employers are—and are not—allowed to ask you, including the following:

Race – As a general rule, an employer may not discuss or ask questions pertaining to an applicant’s race. This can include inquiries into physical characteristics (skin, hair, or … 

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It's on-campus interview season...are you ready?

On-campus interviewing is one of the best ways to land an engineering job. Employers are coming here to hire Ohio State students, so take advantage of it! Preparation for these types of interviews is important, so to help, here are a few things you’ll want to be sure to do:

1.Apply to on-campus recruiting opportunities. In order to land an interview, you have to apply to the job. Keep an eye out in CareerEngine for on-campus interviewing opportunities. There are a few ways you can identify these positions. In your “Jobs” tab, the positions with a job type marked as “preselect” means that the employer is coming on-campus to recruit. The position title will be followed by the two-letter abbreviation for the semester and the year. For example: (AU13). Once you click into the job, you’ll again be notified that it is an on-campus interview opportunity, and you will … 

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How to Ace Your Skype Interview

Today's post is written by ECS Graduate Advisor Jillian Baer, who advises intern, co-op, and full-time employment seeking students.

If you are unable to travel to visit a job site or participate in a traditional interview, employers may ask you to interview via Skype.  Just like anything else you do – practice makes perfect!  To help you with this, here are some tips so that you can ace your Skype interview.  A list of sources is included below for additional information, but here are a few of our favorites to help you along.

  1. Pay attention to your environment.  Sit somewhere quiet where you’re unlikely to be interrupted or distracted.  Pick a plain background with no personal belongings visible.  Make sure those dirty laundry piles and red Solo cups stay out of the frame!  Additionally, a cluttered bookshelf or brightly colored posters can be distracting for … 
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