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Handling unwanted job offers

So – you’ve got a job offer, but you’re just not sure you if want it. What should you do?


Whatever you do, avoid the most common mistakes: accepting even if you’re pretty sure you don’t want it , thinking you’ll keep looking until you find something you really like, or simplynot responding because you feel awkward turning it down.By making either of these mistakes, you may be blocking what might be the perfect opportunity for another Ohio State student.



Here’s what you should do.



First of all, you don’t need to accept (or decline) on the spot – but you do need to respond promptly.Whether the offer comes via phone or email, get back to the employer within 24 hours if possible.



“Thanks very much for the job offer! When do you need my answer? After I’ve had a little … 

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Avoid frustration at career fairs... understand resume collection

I’m sure this is a frustrating point for many of you, as you have surely encountered some employers who do not take resumes at career fairs. In this blog I hope to provide advice for what to do when that happens, and give you some insider info as to what employers are paying attention to during conversations at career fairs.

What can you do if an employer will not take your resume?

1) Get a business card from the recruiter(s) you talked to
2) Email a follow up message and that demonstrates interest in the company/position
3) In that email, remind the recruiter of the conversation [“I enjoyed talking with you at the Ohio State engineering career fair yesterday] and explain your relevant skills and interests [As I mentioned when we spoke, I’m very interested in the “blank” industry and would be extremely interested in an opportunity to interview for … 

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