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June 2019

Steer Clear of Fraudulent Employment Scams

Even though you may not be on campus this summer, you are probably still checking your email every once in a while. Unfortunately, there have been occasions where Ohio State email accounts were compromised through a phishing attack and then used to send fraudulent emails to students and staff. We want all of our students to pay attention to these types of emails and use best judgment and discretion when reviewing emails from potential employers.

Below are excerpts from an actual fraudulent email sent from a compromised Ohio State student’s account. There are several things to look for when deciding if an email from an employer is legitimate or not. I will point out of a few of the red flags from this specific email below:

Includes poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, and misinformation.

“My name is (Ohio State Student Name) and I work with the HandShake, and my job is … 

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