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How Job Shadow Helped Lead to Employment: A Student's Perspective

Photo of Eva RezekEva Rezek, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2018

Are you looking to do something beneficial over spring break this year? If so, consider signing up for ECS’ Job Shadow Program! It’s a great opportunity to test-drive a career… in ONE day! You can sign up for one event per day (five maximum) over Spring Break (March 11-15). Not only will you learn about the day-in the life of an engineer, but you will also meet company contacts that hire students like you! In fact, many participating employers state that they use this program as a recruiting tool. Below, you’ll find out how Chemical Engineering alum, Eva Rezek’s, job shadow experience helped her with the job search!

Where did you job shadow?

I job shadowed at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio in 2017. 

How was the event structured?

Lincoln Electric’s job shadow consisted of various tours of the plant and R&D, presentations by managers from several departments in the company, and a lunch panel with new engineers. 

What were the benefits from participating in the program?

I was able to get a feel for the work environment before applying/interviewing for a position, and I felt that the experience allowed me to have a better understanding of the company. Meeting and talking with employees during the job shadow allowed me to see how friendly everyone was and see firsthand the fast pace work environment that I enjoy. I also met employees during the job shadow that I later interviewed with, which I felt was very helpful during the interview process. Lastly, I was able to mention that I participated in their job shadow during my interview, and I believe this showed Lincoln Electric that I was more interested in working there than if I only applied online. 

What did you take away from your job shadow?

I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the atmosphere of the plant, which led me to apply for a job there! At the conclusion of the job shadow, we were encouraged to apply online for open positions. Making connections with the HR recruiters during the job shadow event was helpful when trying to secure a position, and made the recruiting process go more smoothly. With that being said, I learned that many companies, like Lincoln Electric, use job shadows as a recruiting tool.

Do you have any other advice for students considering the 2019 program?

I highly recommend attending as many job shadows as you can! These events require low time commitment on your part, and they are a great way to get a feel for a company that you might be interested in working for in the future. You can find out what you like and what you don’t like in terms of day-to-day responsibilities and company culture. I currently work at Lincoln Electric as an Engineer and will now be recruiting at Ohio State career fairs!

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