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Employer Insights for Navigating the Job Search as a Veteran Candidate

This blog entry is the fifth in a series addressing specific job search considerations for underrepresented and diverse candidates. We recognize that identities are intersectional and that identity markers do not exist independently of each other, and we offer this information to those who would like to apply it in their job search. Today’s blog is written by Sue Zazon, Huntington's Central Ohio Regional President.

How does your company support veteran employees?

Huntington recognizes and honors those who have served or are serving in our military. As a company, we’ve taken important steps to expand the capability for all colleagues who self-identify as service members, Veterans, and families to be included in the military service support we offer before, during and after their service. Our Military colleagues and their families benefit because of the collaboration between the Military Business Resource Group, (MBRG), and our Human Resources group, and the out-of-the-box programs that can result. We’re committed to our military colleagues and that’s why we offer pre-deployment 10 paid days off, 20 days of military paid time off for training, deployment support and more.

Explain the importance of Employee Resource Groups for employees.

Getting involved in a BRG is a great way to make a difference in people’s lives. Our MBRG, which currently has 354 members, has one purpose: to serve the military community both inside and outside of Huntington, including those who are currently serving in the military, those who have served, or their families. Our MBRG fulfills their purpose through community engagement. They do this in many different ways, including visiting Veteran’s hospitals or Veteran’s homes, helping Wounded Warriors with financial literacy and more. Our MBRG is not just for Veterans or military members. It’s also for members of military families, supporters and allies. All are welcome.

What tips do you have for networking, conferences, and attending targeted recruitment events?

As you are seeking employment, I hope that you are able to connect with companies who are looking to hire, including Huntington. I recommend that after you meet people a networking events, be sure to follow up with a LinkedIn request and a personal note to them. I also wanted to inform you that we take care of the military community outside of Huntington with resume reviews and mock interviews, service projects, fundraising activities and many more events. I hope you are able to benefit from these services that we’re honored to offer. At Huntington, we look out for people. 

What should candidates consider when evaluating an employer’s culture and fit?

We are a company with a one-word tagline: welcome. When considering taking a position at any company, make sure it’s a good fit for you by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do your values and the company values align?
  • Does the company have a clearly defined purpose and does that resonate with you?
  • What are the benefits offered to colleagues?
  • What was your overall experience in the interview? What did you observe from people you may have interacted with during the process? Did that align with what you were told the culture was like?

Additional tips and considerations.

Please consider visiting The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, located at 300 West Broad Street. Huntington was proud to play a major financial role in bringing this important new staple to our city. I recommend a trip to this unique 53,000 square-foot museum and 2.5 acre memorial grove that is dedicated to America’s nearly 22 million living veterans.

Lastly, thank you to all of our Veterans and military members for making the sacrifices needed to serve our country.

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